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What is EarlyCDT®-Lung?

lung cancer test

EarlyCDT-Lung is a simple physician ordered blood test that diagnoses the presence of autoantibodies to a panel of seven lung cancer associated antigens.

Autoantibodies form and circulate in the body at all stages of the disease including Stages I and II which are the earliest stages of lung cancer. Their measurement signifies the presence of cancerous cells.

The Oncimmune immuno-biomarker platform (EarlyCDT) provides increased sensitivity while maintaining higher levels of specificity than other single or multiple antigen tests. Elevation above a predetermined, cutoff value of any one immuno-biomarkers of the panel suggests that a tumor might be present.

Early detection of lung cancer in high-risk patient populations are the primary benefits of EarlyCDT-Lung. It is also used as a diagnostic test for high-risk patients who have indeterminate lung nodules identified by CT. This means that when used in conjunction with diagnostic imaging, EarlyCDT-Lung has the potential to aid in the identification of lung cancer when treatment can be most successful, at a very early stage!

Watch a five-minute introductory video on EarlyCDT-Lung.