Open Access Program ImmunoINSIGHTS™ IO Discovery Panel

Open Access Program ImmunoINSIGHTS™ Immuno-Oncology Discovery Panel

Add Insights to your Oncology Research with ImmunoINSIGHTS™ IO Panels!

Apply through Jan 15, 2023


Apply to our OPEN ACCESS PROGRAM and get access to ImmunoINSIGHTS™ antibody biomarker profiling platform. Selected project can send along 25-30 samples free of charge.

Our IO discovery panels provide key antibody signatures to study disease characterization, treatment response and sub-groups and immune-related adverse events. Find out more about ImmunoINSIGHTS.

Gain access today to antibody biomarker insights involved in breast, ovarian, prostate or lung cancer across key IO pathways:

  • Tumor suppressor genes
  • Oncogenes
  • Ubiquitin
  • Epigenetic