CEO, Martin Gouldstone speaks to Proactive London about the company’s pivot aims for robust growth in 2024.

6 March 2024

Oncimmune’s CEO, Martin Gouldstone, speaks to Stephen Gunnion at Proactive London and shares key highlights of the company’s performance. A pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory was the strategic decision to prioritize the ImmunoINSIGHTS platform, coupled with the successful sale of its early lung cancer detection business to Freenome, a leading US biotech company. This strategic move not only injected significant funds into Oncimmune.

Martin Gouldstone underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to maximizing the commercial impact and scientific potential of the ImmunoINSIGHTS service platform. Since assuming leadership in August of the previous year, he has been dedicated to driving the platform’s growth and enhancing its scientific capabilities.

The strategic shift towards new commercial areas and customer segments, initiated in October, yielded substantial success with the acquisition of seven contracts in novel commercial domains. These contracts include repeat business with major pharmaceutical companies and new engagements in biotech, covering areas such as discovery and adverse event prediction in immuno-oncology. This diversification effort signifies a strategic evolution for Oncimmune, positioning the company at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

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