Immuno-oncology Biomarkers

Antibody biomarker discovery to improve the development of immuno-oncology therapies using ImmunoINSIGHTS™

Despite the enormous potential of cancer immunotherapy, many patients receiving treatments, such as checkpoints inhibitors (CPIs), experience diminished responses and debilitating immune-related adverse events (irAEs).  Characterized by an over-activation of the immune system, irAEs pose a significant barrier to immunotherapy success, and they have led to the FDA halting numerous clinical trials—slowing the development of effective cancer immunotherapies.

Predictive biomarkers to reduce risks in immunotherapies: Mutual association of irAEs indicators of better clinical outcomes

Autoantibodies are biomarkers of the immune system’s activity and can be predictive of response to immunotherapy. Clinical experience has demonstrated that there is often a direct association between patients who develop irAEs and experience a clinical response to immuno-oncology therapeutics.  Analyzing the immune system via autoantibody profiling can therefore aid in the discovery of novel biomarkers that can be predictive of response and associated irAEs.

Oncimmune’s advanced autoantibody profiling platform and analytical engine ImmunoINSIGHTS™,
provides transformative biomarker insights for a wide range of malignancies and therapeutic modalities, including:

  • Immunomodulators (Checkpoint inhibitors, Bi-specifics)
  • T-Cell engagers (BiTEs, CD3 bi-specifics, TCR engagers)
  • Targeted cell therapies (CAR-T, CAR-NK)
  • Oncolytic viruses
  • Cancer vaccines
  • Antibody drug conjugates (ADC)

ImmunoINSIGHTS™ autoantibody signatures enables:

  • Prediction of response to treatments and discovery of prognostic biomarkers
  • Prediction of immune-related adverse events (irAEs)

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