Our strategy


Using our unique expertise and proprietary technology we aim to transform the way diseases are diagnosed and treated around the world. We know that detecting the disease early can improve the ability to treat cancer and enhance chances of survival.

ImmunoINSIGHTS provides expertise in the human immune system and access to our library of over 8,000 immunogenic proteins for healthcare organisations developing new and existing treatments for more effective use in cancer, auto-immune and infectious diseases.

In addition, we are working with governments, healthcare systems and partners to provide access to our simple blood test for lung cancer as part of national and local screening programmes. Developing our EarlyCDT portfolio for other cancer types is a key aspect of our research and future growth strategy.

This strategy is being delivered through a close focus on three core aspects of our business: Operations, Technical & Research and Commercial.

We report each quarter on the progress of our strategy.


We are leaders in immune biomarkers; our vision is to enable personalised, data-driven clinical decisions across the cancer care continuum.

Dr Adam M Hill, CEO