Follow-on contract signed with leading US medical research organisation, to validate previous profiling in COVID-19

7 March 2022

Oncimmune announced the signing of a new commercial follow-on contract with a world-leading medical research organisation based in the US, to validate the findings from a previous study to assess the autoimmune responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection in immune-compromised patients.

Under the terms of this follow-on contract, new samples will be analysed using Oncimmune’s existing SeroTag COVID-19 autoantigen array, to confirm the autoimmune reactions already seen in patients with underlying autoimmune diseases, such as irritable bowel disease.

Dr Adam M Hill, CEO of Oncimmune said: “We have now successfully completed four studies for this world-leading medical research organisation relating to COVID-19. This latest additional contract, utilising Oncimmune’s validated infectious diseases panel, will proceed to validate the findings from our prior contract. This follow-on contract and others we have announced underlines Oncimmune’s leading position in autoimmune profiling of infectious disease.”