Oncimmune signs contracts with US-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical companies developing immunotherapies one of which is focused on CAR NK cell therapies.

8 April 2022

The projects demonstrate the impact of the Company’s new Commercial team and the significant potential that the Company’s ImmunoINSIGHTS technology platform could have in the engineered cellur therapy space.

The first contract is with an US-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company which is developing first-in-class cellular immunotherapies for cancer patients utilizing off-the-shelf natural killer (“NK”) cell and CAR-NK cell products. Under this contract, Oncimmune will utilize its specific high-throughput proprietary biomarker discovery platform, SeroTag, to identify autoantibodies that can be predictive of patient clinical response, and potential resistance to engineered cellular therapies in hematological and solid tumor oncology indications.

The second contract signed is with a US-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a proprietary technology which harnesses the power of the immune system, to combat cancer by leveraging their proprietary technology to discover, develop and commercialize transformative oncology treatments. This project will profile the autoantibodies in patients treated with a virus-like particle which stimulates anti-tumor T cells. By profiling patients longitudinally, the aim of the project is to demonstrate how the immune system is affected by this therapy.