POSTER: Autoantibody Profiling in Prostvac and Ipilimumab Treated Prostate Cancer Patients Reveals Potential Biomarkers of Immune-Related Adverse Events

29 July 2018

Petra Budde 1 , Jennifer Marte 2 , Hans-Dieter Zucht 1 , Saurabh Bhandari 1 , Manuel Tuschen 1 , Peter Schulz-
Knappe 1 , Ravi Madan 2 , Jeffrey Schlom 2 , and James Gulley 2 , EULAR 2018




  • AABs that target proteins involved in cancer signaling, apoptosis, or cell cycle pathways are
    associated with irAEs following prostvac/ipilimumab combination therapy.
  •  In contrast, AABs targeting immune response pathways were found in patients who do not
    develop irAEs and may counteract the action of inflammatory molecules.
  • Similarly, anti-cytokine AABs have been found in autoimmune diseases, were they appear to
    counteract the effects of cytokines (4). Further studies in larger sample sets are needed to
    confirm these findings.