POSTER: Multiplexed Autoantibody Profiling Of Patients With Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma Receiving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Or Platinum-Based Chemotherapy (Oncimmune Collaboration), ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium 2022

29 July 2022

Guru Sonpavde, 1 Dory Freeman, 1 Elio Adib, 1 Talal El Zarif, 1 Jonathan Thomas, 1 Pier Nuzzo, 1 Arvind Ravi, 1
Martha Tuff, 1 Charlene Mantia, 1 Bradley McGregor, 1 Jacob Berchuck, 1 Petra Budde, 2 Behnaz
Ahangarianabhari, 2
Elena Rupieper, 2 Jana Gajewski, 2 Ronan McDaid, 3 Ann-Sophie Schubert, 2 Manuel, Bräutigam, 2 Hans-
Dieter Zucht, 2 Praful Ravi 1


• Multiplexed profiling identified key AA that were present at significantly higher levels in patients
with mUC compared to healthy controls, including NY-ESO-1 and NY-ESO-2.
• Presence of baseline AAs to known bladder cancer targets such as KDM6B, BRCA1 and BCL2
were associated with earlier progression on ICI.
• Patients receiving ICI had a greater fold change from pre- to post-therapy across all AAs
compared to patients receiving chemotherapy and a higher fold change from pre- to post-
therapy was generally associated with better response to ICI.